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The Māori Electoral Option runs until 2 august 2018

Current General and Māori Electorates

There are now 7 Māori electorates and 64 General electorates across New Zealand.

The two types of electorates overlay each other, which means every part of New Zealand is represented by both a Māori and a General electorate at the same time.

The number of Māori and General electorates can change over time. The number of people who are enrolled on the Māori Roll at the end of the Option will influence the number of Māori electorates at the next two general elections. The number of Māori enrolled on the Māori roll could mean that the number of Māori electorates increases, decreases, or stays the same.

Since 1993, the number of Māori electorates has risen from the original four to seven. After the last Māori Electoral Option in 2013, results showed:

• 228,718 Māori (55%) on the Māori Roll
• 184,630 Māori (45%) on the General Roll
• 8,261 shifted from Māori to General roll
• 8,859 shifted from General to Māori roll

The number of Māori electorates stayed the same after the last Māori Electoral Option. 

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